WoodlandRiders aim is to bring new life to felled woodland through the development of trail-bike and enduro riding facilities. Our first 65 acre site is set within spectacular countryside in Mid-Wales.

As an enthusiastic Trail bike or Enduro rider, you are probably faced with an ever-decreasing supply of venues for riding. Competitions offer some facility, but not everyone has the motivation, ability or finance to frequently enter such events. WoodlandRiders recognises this, and offers a quality solution whilst at the same time putting investment back into the environment which our sport relies upon.

The images shown in this website are from our first project. This wood has largely been felled and has undergone re-planting. During this work, creative use of existing tracks provide an enjoyable riding experience for novice through to expert riders. Over the years, this site will mature into beautiful forestry once again and continue provide a valuable resource for other countryside users as well as off-road riders.

WoodlandRiders : Riding Environments for our Future.